The Kongu Regional Educational and Research Foundation
Guide Lines for Authors
  1. The manuscripts shouls be in MS-Word Format. Manuscript must be 1.5 spaced with 1 inch margins with Time New Roman Font Size of 10.
  2. The review process takes one month and the status would be known within acknowledgment the receipt of your paper by email and id will be issued to the corresponding author. The author (s) should keep in mind that it would be mandatory to cite this id while sending a query about a paper submitted on line.
  3. The autual paper should commence from the second page containing the title followed by the abstract, keywords and the main paper. The author's name should not be mentioned anywhere exceptin the first page of each article.
  4. The manuscript should not exceed more than 6 page.
  5. In case of empirical research, each table should be correctly numbered and sources for the same will be given clearly.
  6. All Table, Chats, Graphs, Diagrams should be black, white and not in colour.
  7. All the references should be included at the end of the paper.
  8. Each paper should have separate page for Author's profile covering his/her Name, Designation, Institution name, Mail ID, Mobile No. and Address for Communication where the Journal to be sent.
  9. To enable the publisher to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must send a signed copy of the Author declaration by the author that the paper has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.
  10. Author should take care to ensure the accuracy of data and references.

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