The Kongu Regional Educational and Research Foundation
Maha Journal of Education
  • Classrooms teaching anf learning
  • Hybrid learning management system
  • The intelligence of education
  • Communication tools
  • Career technical education
  • English language development
  • Informal Education Audience
  • Educational standards
  • Critical thinking and the ethnic studies experience
  • The logic and psychology of critical thinking
  • Adult education
  • Primary and nursery education
  • Labour market vocational training
  • Extension education and rural development
  • Extension uses democratic methods
    in educating
  • Helps in adoption of innovations
  • Good communities better and progressive
  • Contributes to national development
  • Youth developement and better family living
  • Constructive in outlook
  • Rural sociology and educational psychology
  • Impoartance of the study of rural sociology
  • Importance of culture for an individual
  • Recycling of organic wastes
  • Use of electronic media in atgil journalism



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